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Best Goa Hotels

Best Goa hotels, Indian 2016

How to make some hotels on Goa.

The coast of this popular resort has stretched 110 kilometres and consists of 40 beautiful beaches. Goa's guests are successful in European recreational activities in the southern part of the resort. The northern part is democratic and attracts young people from different parts of the world.

Specialities of the Goa resort

The only aerospace resort called Dabolim takes 200,000 vacations from Europe and Russia every year. In Southern Goa, they recommend that the resort be visited:

• Majorda;
• Varca;
• Kavelossim;
• Benaulim;
♪ Palol and a number of others.

In the northern part of the resort, the guests from Russia are popular with Morgim, who are visited by 80 per cent of Russian tourists. All the beaches of this resort are free and State property. The Goa is located on the Arabian Sea and is interested in the landing fans, and hundreds of ships are buried at the bottom. Local markets, the focus of exotic trade, are particularly demanding for tourists. The tourists are buying souvenirs, jewellery and decore items on the back.

Where to take a hotel down on Goa

Extended Hotels tourists can make any choice. For budget visitors, it is recommended that attention be drawn to the numerous 2 and 3 resort hotels. You'll find comfortable numbers, TV, toiletries. In the cafe and restaurants, you can check the national and European kitchens. Most of these hotels offer pool, barbecue, playgrounds. Legs and beach umbrellas are provided for a separate fee. Some of the most popular are Colva Kinara, Varca Palm Beach, Alagoa, Phoenix Park Inn, Sonesta Inn, Santana Beach Resort, Svelton Manor.

The characteristics of local hotels are their appearance and their design. There are a lot of cattle complexes, not multi-storey buildings. In them, you will find not only comfortable and simple numbers, but also cozy internal patio palaces with their own access to the sea.

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