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Minor Hotel In The Berlin

It's an unusual night in the berlin, long night of 2016 museums

Night life of the capital

Summer days are so hot, especially in the big city. It's impossible to enjoy the sights. It's the other night... Night is much better, cool, calm, and... closed. But not on August 27, when the museums and exhibitions of Berlin open their doors from 18.00 to 02.00. Are the clubs tired? Take this night to the museum!

Doors usually closed

World famous collections, locks, historic sites, planetariums and multimedia exhibitions - you can see art on the other side this night. The lights, usually locked doors open their secrets... It's not just a museum this night. Artists, musicians and dancers will light the Long Night with their art. Visitors will also be able to attend. Dance and jewelry, concerts and victors, no one will say that museums are boring tonight!

Long-night marches.

Long night's heart is a cultural forum in Potsdam Square. Here, you can find a detailed programme for the event and buy tickets. Long night has eight routes to be serviced by special buses. But to see everything, even long night is too short. So plan the route in advance, Berlin's museum diversity will find something to surprise you.

Night of travelers

Long night in museums is a very exciting event. The night of travelers who didn't find a good place is not so pleasant. If you stay in Berlin is really calm, choose the Spencer Classic. You'll find us on Wittenbergplats. From here to Potsdam Square, only 10 minutes. And to the most interesting museums in the capital from Wittenbergplats, it's very easy to get. So you can visit either one of them after the Long Night to enjoy art in a calm atmosphere.

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