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Issue #09

One more month has passed, which means it's time for the next edition of the Fato-Calidoscope, a small project in which many of you, my friends, are actively involved, which I'm very happy about! We've got a common case now and it's just great!

Foto-Caleidopa history: I've been making a very recent pre-existing post of Itoga 2015, and that's why I dived into my camera. During the selection of images for final releases, many hundreds of good and potentially interesting images were blurted before the audit. And now I'm "sarlo" - if we continue in the same spirit, i.e. to publish only the thematic series of photos, there's only one sad chance for many interesting photos to show up to the audience as a retro-photo after an age.

In the early days, I decided to resist this sad scenario. Remember the live broadcasts of "Sportloto" and... Anyway, I've already started filling the drum with the photos I've been looking for in a separate file, and I'll pick up the drum a couple of times a month to show 12 photos. Under each photograph, I will indicate the date, location of the film and possibly a little comment on the photograph.

Photographs will be very different genres: portraits and landscapes, report and architectural, automobile and interior, flora and fauna, and possibly something else I've forgotten to mention. I hope you'll be interested in these photos. Welcome back to my photo world!

My friends, we remember the numbers of the elevated photos (e.g. 9 or 2, 5 or 1, 3, 7, 11). Why? Details at the end of the post:-)

The author of all the pictures in the blog is me, unless otherwise specified. It is not necessary to use my photographs and the author ' s text for non-profit purposes within the scope of the authorization, but it is necessary to indicate the authorship and place an active hyperlink on the original record. If used outside, it's mandatory that I have an indication of my writing and an active hyperlink on the original record.

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