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" Even a hamburger salesman in Los Angeles earns more chess grosmaester, James Tarjan complained.

It's true, it was during the time that he was at the beginning of the eightieth century. James was then considered to be a worthy crossmaster, five times representing the United States in the Olympics. We met at Olympid in Nice (1974) where young Tarjan and Bl├ęski conquered gold medal on his board.

Olympiad, Malta 1980. U.S. Match is USSR. At the first table, L. Shamkovic, G. Kasparov, second, Yu. Balashov, D. Tarjan.

In 1984, James left the chess for 30 years. As a member of the library, he got a bachelor ' s degree at Berkeley University.

Thirty years later, Tarjan played his first tournament in years. It was in Orlando (2014). Then another one on Main Island. And the Larry Evans Memorial to Reno. It's clear: Grossmaster Tarjan, at another level, has returned to chess.

The American wasn't the only one who left the game after a long time to return to Kaissa's pants.

Let's see how the fate of some who tried to get out of the chess and what happened. Let us not stop on the cumbersome statements like Morosevich leaving! Just like the restrictive barrier of up to forty, forty-two and all! I'm leaving! I'm done!

This is not about impulsive reactions to failures in some tournament or a long lane of failure. It's like a false pregnancy spreading itself. Moreover, the practice shows that those making such statements, on the contrary, remain in chess to deep old age. No, we'll see if we can get out of the game, we'll talk about the left-handed decision, leave the tournament chess and do something else.

I don't remember who said there's much to be achieved in a journal if you leave her in time. Examples of well-known scholars, musicians and lucky businessmen who once played chess are common. But! To tell myself I'm leaving, it's not that hard. The final break-up of the game, especially with certain successes (often significant) and years, is very rare, and the return to the herd of a lost sheep is not exceptional.

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