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Best Berlina Hotels

Novotel Berlin Mitte

Berlin was founded in 1237 in the area of today ' s Nicolay area, where it is located with a good price-quality ratio. Novotel Berlin Mitte is close to many of the main features, including the Museum, Alexanderplats and the Brandenburg Gate. After a busy day, you can relax with a cold beer or a cocktail in a stylish bar, and in a good weather even on the terrace, or have dinner at Le Jardin's restaurant. Numbers are arranged in a restraint mode, but are equipped with all necessary conveniences, including free Wi-Fi, air conditioner and sound-insulating windows.

Pension Funk

If you want to feel local, you'll find him in this adorable hotel like night and breakfast. The Pension Funk Hotel is in western Berlin. Interns are in the 1920s style. These are flower rims, circumferential curtains, titanium ceilings, eastern carpets, shiny chandeliers, and a bunch of old things in chaotic coma. The guests have access to 14 rooms with a romantic home. Each number has its distinctive style: it can be an ar-nuvo with a closet from a red wood encrypted by a perlamour, or Boho with a black wood. The mood is maintained by the lack of TVs, although Wi-Fi is available. Look, the cheapest rooms don't have a private bathroom.

Mercure Hotel " Residenz Berlin

This 4-star hotel is next to the legendary Charles Squad and will be perfect for tourists who have been involved in Berlin ' s history. The solar design of the building was designed by the Italian architect Aldo Rossi. If you're traveling with the kids, you'd better pick a family number with two separate bedrooms. Witnesses of additional comfort should book a suite that has an additional advantage in the form of a balcony. After the use of too many German sausages, a calorie can be burned in a well-built fitness centre and then relaxed in the sauna.

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