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Whether it's the Brandenburg Worth, the Berlin television tower, the Castle of Charlottenburg, the Berlin Sobor, the Chekpoint Charlie, the Bundestag or Bundesrat, there are many historical and cultural places for visits in Berlin. Today, there are some 3.4 million people living in and around the capital and in the main exhibition city of Germany. Schönefeld's airport is the most important source of airline dispensaries, such as Easy Jet, Ryanair and others. In the future, the airport will be restructured into a single capital airport, BBI, and will offer critical messages, both for business trips and for travel around the world. Also in Berlin, the tourist industry gathers annually at the international tourist exhibition ITB. The largest Berlin Marathon is also an important development. Leonardo's network hotels. Berlin's best hotels. with an excellent location and a first-class service. Open up all Leonardo's hotels in Berlin.

Please note that guests of the hotel who have travelled to Berlin for tourist or personal purposes and have reserved numbers after January 2014 are subject to an additional municipal tax of 5 per cent of the total cost of living upon arrival in the hotel.
Upon request, guests may provide evidence from the employer that staying in the hotel is necessary for business purposes. If the guest fails to provide information on the purpose of the travel or fails to prove that the travel has a business purpose, the tax will be automatically added to the total cost of residence. However, for four months, guests have been able to seek tax reimbursement from the Hellersdorf-Marzahn financial office. An application for tax reimbursement is made subject to evidence of the business purpose of the travel, as well as an account from the hotel or other document supporting the amount of the tax paid (see also para. 7.3, " Visitors ' certificates for presentation to the financial authority " ).

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