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БерлинBerlin: Turgid

It is worth noting that in Berlin it is difficult to find a real restaurant in the national kitchen. To find traditional dishes, it's best to go to local beer and bars, where, in addition to the finest foams, guests will be offered smashed meat meals and domestic sausage. The tourists are very popular with the Klops home battle, as well as the Kotelett specially designed. Potato salad can be ordered as a garner for meat.
There's no point in suggesting that this menu can only taste men. The beautiful gender has a very popular white beer that bartenders add aromatic fruit syrup. Favorites of more sophisticated and sophisticated dishes will certainly enjoy the chicken fried in the fritur, as well as Eintopf soup. The last dish includes a mass of components and more resembles the stew than the usual first dish for Europeans.

Gurmans should try a Hackepeter snack, which is a raw meat porch filled with sharp spices and cheese eggs. The best dessert will be the Berlin pancakes with a variety of fruit and marmalade. Berlin has a large number of restaurants, bars and pubs. That's why every gourman can choose a suitable place to rest.

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