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What will be the largest “great” park

At the Grecotel Marine Palace, the largest hotel shark in Greece is about to open, and the cost of rest in the hotel during the opening period will be reduced by a quarter.

The Crit All Inclusive Hotel Grecotel Marine Palace Suites 4* shared information on the forthcoming launch of Marine Palace Aqua Park, the largest fleet ever built on the Greek hotel. In order to make this event an even more memorable hotel, a parallel special proposal was launched by giving a discount of 25 per cent to its guests. It should be noted, however, that the date of commencement of the special proposal is ahead of the discovery of Marine Palace Aqua Park for almost a month.

Macet Marine Palace Aqua Park

For example, the sava launch is scheduled for 10 June this year, while the declared The discount has been in effect since 14 Maywhich provides an opportunity to save on vacation in the hotel, including those who are planning to get here before the beginning of the calendar year. Another feature of the proposal is that its end is also not tied to the opening date of the park, the discount will be valid until 11 July. We will also note that the very recent Grecotel Hotels Resorts annotated similar special proposals with discounts up to 20% 11 of 26 hotels throughout Greece♪ Specifications are still relevant

Macet Marine Palace Aqua Park

As for the park itself, he promises to be truly impressive and calculated for both children and adults. There will be 5 adult water attachments and 7 for children in the 6,000 square metres of children. The Switch Tower, about 100 water games, the Extreme Water Mountains of Big Dira, Black Dirah, Kamikaze and probably the coolest (in all senses) Mega-Gorka. A special bar and terrace area is provided for recreation after entertainment in Marine Palace Aqua Park.

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