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Greece All Included

Greece Halkydiki has all turned on * mendy is a beach hotel, a feedback and hd video

теннисный корт отель Менди Греция ХалкидикиGreece ' s hotels offer recreational places of any kind, both on the island (parts) of the country and on the continent. It depends on tourist preferences and selected recreational programmes. It is clear that European recreation differs from Egyptian, Turkish and, who visit Europe for the first time, will surely introduce new habits by adjusting already established ones.

In our visit to Greece, for example, the ‘all included’ system seemed uncomfortable. Looking for the day of the sight of the ancient Greece, to be " fastened " to a certain dietary hotel, to agree, to be very unhappy.отель Менди фото The atmosphere and affordability of prices in collar Greek taverns are an additional reason to reject “all included”. In comparison, at the Mendi Hotel, which is to be discussed, lunch could have been bought for 18 euros, and in the taverns, we never paid for a man, but we're no longer on vacation.

Mendi Hotel, location and infrastructure

Mendi's hotel is located in Kalandra on the left finger of Halkidkov, the Cassandra peninsula, on its western bank, and is very separate.фонтан во дворе отеля Менди Up to the nearest settlement of Moles Kalives from the hotel about half an hour on foot or, of course, on a bus or taxi. In the settlement, there's a tourist infrastructure - taverns, shops, hotels...

Despite its separate position, Mendy ' s hotel is in a position to provide guests with all the necessary facilities. There are shops, services, and a tavern and a café near the beach.

Under the auspices of sports centre Tennis cakes, ping-pong tables, mini golfs and water entertainment projectiles are available for recreation. The hotel is not Europeanly large and green, very cozy.

Half a hundred accessible numbers can satisfy the tastes of all applicants - the numbers from standard to luxury hatches - of course, with a permanent view at sea.ночь над Эгейским морем We had to order and repay the three rooms in Petersburg, the studio, the other numbers were gone. Turns out the studio is a number with a way out to a nice garden, and we really liked it. Aside from the usual palm eye, there's a lot of citrus in the garden, a video of the hotel.

It's very good in Mendy, there's a children's space. And there's a conference room for business people in the hotel. The believers will be able to pray, there is a chapel in the territory. There's, of course, in the hotel and pool, working from 8 to 20, 12 hours. But it's a little crowded. It's clear, with that sea!

ресторан отеля Менди кухня отеля Менди

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