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Dear Wife's Hotel

A guest of the wife, a rag

Repertoire of the Russian hotels.

Hotel Geneva

The Hotel Geneva is a cozy European house in the alpine style: white brick walls in the black tree of the Ram and Staven. In the hotel, there are only 11 rooms - the econ, the standard and the hatch - where the visitor finds everything necessary - from halats and slippers, to refrigerators and cable TV. A pleasant addition will be breakfast, car parking, an hour of sauna gift, with more than a day.


Geneva offers its guests 11 numbers: 2 lux, 8 standard and 1 comfort. The hotel rooms are kept in a distinctive Flemish style. In the flower gamma of interriers, red brown, warm yellow, royal bordeaux, golden refugee, barhatistic chocolate are dominated.

Geneva Hotel prices

Daily accommodation: Comfort 2000 roubles, standard 2,950 roubles (1 floor) and 3,300rub(2 floor), lux - 3,950 roubles (1 floor) and 4,500 roubles (2et) are subject to discount and specification systems.

Photographs of the Hotel Geneva

Street Vid.

Гостиница Женева Рязань

Geneva Hotel calls, Ryazan

My husband ordered a room for young women in this hotel from 7 to 8 August 2010, an emotion of the ear, a hotel of amazing, magnificent, clean rooms, giving us an hour of sauna, a sauna-simply word))

March 2011, the hotel really liked it. It's easy to find. It's located in the center, close to the pedestrian street with different food establishments, to the Ryazan cream. The presence of the police on the side made it feel confident and especially not to worry about the car left at the hotel (which is important). The car park at the hotel seemed secure, and also because the car was being placed for a hogbaum that had nothing to travel, which clearly reduced the risks. The hotel is quiet, so we can rest and sleep. Breakfasts serve in predetermined time, which is very convenient. Breakfasts are dry. It'd be nice if you could have a dinner party or a coffee at least in the firehouse. It's a good air conditioner, there's a lot of channels on TV. In general, BLESK.

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