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The hotel is awesome, very happy with the rest, believe me, compared to the rest of 2014 in Renezance, the hotel is twice as expensive today, but the level is much lower! You want to take a great break to the big hotel, five awesome pools, eight restaurants, the beautiful scenes of the airport, the central street, green, big. ♪

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The hotel is a sea kingdom, but the service is limping. Evaluation: 4The location of the hotel is as good as possible. There's a lagoon right in the middle of the complex, across the edges and from the buildings to the open sea. If we go to Egypt because of the sea, this hotel will surely stifle even a tempted tourist. In Jurgad, where permanent winds, sea and beach in this hotel are wonderful. You can always find a place to... ♪

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I'll tell you about my worst experience in Egypt at the Coral Sea Waterworld Hotel. I say this is my fifth trip to Egypt. It all started with a settlement, and more specifically with the extortion of money in a drawing, we were told that if we wanted to live in a normal room, we need to pay $55. As we learned later, it's from all the glory... ♪
Hello! I was resting at Stella Makadi Bay's hotel when I was offered to go to a quadruple-cycle to look for adventures. Of course I did. That sound was tempting, and only $23 was worth. So, we're a whisperer, i.e. me, four more tourists (this was one boy, nine to ten years old) and escorted, went to...

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