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Feedback From Egyptian Hotels

Ukrainian Independence Day at the “la seppia” restaurant

Ukraine ' s most important national holiday at the Sharm al-Sheikh resort, in particular at the five-star hotel, Royal Grand Sharm, has been unsuccessful and, moreover, has been spared for other days, despite the fact that 90 per cent of the rest in Egypt are Ukrainians. Only occasionally, at the beer company (in August, with a heat of 40 and above, no strong alcohol drinks, even in the " all inclusive " , on the beach or the pool in the hotel area will remember the holiday and make a toast about it. Tonight, the animators in their speeches will recall the holidays. And, in particular, the Ukrainians in the Royal Grand Sharm Hotel, a few Ukrainian satellite television channels, compared to many other hotels, where Russian television channels and no Ukrainian are preferred.
I was happy on Ukraine ' s Independence Day to visit a restaurant called La Seppia, with an international menu: dinner (one visit to which is free of charge).
My opinion on this restaurant. First of all, I would like to point out the special services at the La Seppia restaurant and the restaurant itself looked like pearls in oath restaurant service. From the beginning, I was surprised at the repeated question of the waiter: "How service? But the explanation came later... The hotel management would like to show everyone what they can and how they can, and with the extra payment to the elected, even every night... But unfortunately, only the service and the most important thing that's said in advance, on record, is the dish. By the way, I ordered a sea-court chip, a pretty decent piece of both size and taste, I recommend. The bovine can't be ordered because I had some doubts about the main restaurant of Caravanserai. All the other meals are both assortment and quality, as is the main restaurant of Caravanserai.
Only here, at the La Seppia restaurant, while I was able to find out that in Egypt ' s resorts, regardless of the starship of the hotel, all local beverages that are provided under the All inclusive system, except for bottled beer (which, by the way, is much better than our Kiev), sealed bottled water and glasses in the tetra-pack! Especially strong alcoholic beverages, which are obviously not produced from the grain, like. ♪ ♪

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