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10 Best Egyptian Hotels

Top 10 Egyptian hotels: winter to summer

Фото: Новый год в жарком климате вы запомните навсегдаPhoto: New year in hot climate, you will remember forever.

A new year on the coast of the warm sea is a dream of many. If you've decided to take a trip like this, but you haven't picked a hotel yet, you might need our chin.

If you're going to New Year's to the warmths, I suggest you take a little tour of Egypt's hotels. Perhaps our review will help you choose the perfect place for the perfect rest.

As you travel to Egypt, you will be able not only to bury the Mediterranean coasts and to study the various museums, but also to shop at the Kaira shopping mall and other major cities of the country. Well, just so it's much easier to figure out where the best place to book a room is to meet ours. Number of best hotels The resort.

1. Serenity Makadi Heights 5*

The hotel is demolished in the suburbs of Jurgada and is able to accommodate more than 1,400 visitors in comfortable buildings located in the territory of 400,000 square metres. There has been a welcome development for health-care adherents, a settlement that is not allowed to smoke.

Photo: Serenity Makadi Heights 5*

2. Citadel Azur Resort 5* (Sahl Hasish)

From the first day of work in 2008, Citadel Azur Resort immediately gained popularity among the resters. This hotel's master code is location, because its hull is on the first coastline. In addition, nearby airports and Hurdada make this place one of the most convenient not only for the transfer, but also for recreational and commercial centres.

Photo: Citadel Azur Resort 5*

3. Old Palace Resort 5* (Sahl Hasish)

Despite his "sun age," the hotel has a high level of service and comfort. The hotel has specially equipped rooms for people with limited opportunities. In addition, staff are Russian-speaking.

Photo: Old Palace Resort 5*

4. Sierra Sharm El Sheikh 4* in Sharm el-Sheikh

This relatively small hotel has seven swimming pools, a water sports centre, tennis crusts, spa-salon and autentic Chino café, offering to check the national Lebanese properties.

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