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Cyprus Feedback

Visitors ' retaliation on the kippra - 2016

кипр отели отзывы(Foto whereisemil / / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Prices in Cyprus

The cost of services and residence is high during the high season. In response, prices in Cyprus above Russian, including food. Prices at the cafe are European, 25-30 euros - average check for lunch. Because of the large portions, one dish can easily be ordered for two. Snacks, desserts and beverages, between 5 and 10 euros, the cost of seafood.

Sea walks are available - 10 euros per person. The organized bus tours cost about 30 euros per person if a small group meets, the price increases.

отдых на кипре отзывы пляжиYou know.that only 30,000 roubles (e.g. two-night tour from Moscow) can be purchased by Cyprus? It's cheaper during the stocking period! At the cost of the tour: flight, residence, transfer, insurance and food for choice. Tours At best prices, you can look at the services of Travelat and LevelTravel, they compare the offers of 120 tour operators, so they can find a better option. You can buy a ride online, which is very convenient.

Weather reports in Cyprus

The weather was divided: someone seemed too hot in the summer, others thought the weather was great. I have to say that in the summer there is a temperature above +30 °C, vegetation on the island is low, but the sea is well warmed.

отзывы об отдыхе на кипреThe official tourist season opens in May, although water is often not warm enough at this time. June-September water +26... +27 °C, air +30... +33 °C.

September-October, barhat season. According to the feedback, in September and October Cyprus is still very warm: +24... +25°C day, water at sea +20... +23 °C.

Marthapril is good for touring the flower island, day +18... +23 °C, but still cold for full beach rest, the water is cold.

Winter tourists are very small because rainy, cheese and wind. The sediments begin from late October and continue until spring. Most of the establishments close at this time.

Cyprus is most comfortable in late May and early June and in September and early October. At this time, it's sunny, gentle, and water at sea is really nice.

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