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Found tours: 598 at a price: 45,678 roubles.

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It's really Southern, sunny, celebratory, so it's probably how grown-ups love him and kids! Lasour sea, clean sand beaches, soft climate and magnificent services in the hotels of Cyprus have turned the small Mediterranean island into one of the best recreational places on the planet.

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Surprised the variety of tours and their quality. Seven hours tour of Paphos was like a few minutes! Many of the sights are covered, plus this walk in the Cyprus village, where they sell real taste, tours to local wines. And what was very good was the opportunity to combine historical and cultural values with...

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I'd like to draw the attention of the restors to the fact that in the ROMEN hotel in the second hull there is an accessory for the charge of the phone and a bail remote in the 5th (each). However, the money was then turned down when the remote and adapter surrendered. We left on 15 September 2016 at 6:00 A.M. In the meantime, the receptionist was fighting and the scary chamila when we asked. ♪ ♪
The hotel doesn't match its five stars and it's not "grand." Evaluation: 4

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