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The Wings Are All On

Oil wing with food all included

50 meters from the hotel is our gallery-pest beach. Go to the cleanest cold water, and all the fatigue will end in it with no residue. Aquamarina ' s well-built beach is equipped with sheslongs, solar shelters, showers, dressing booths, and beach towels are available at the request of the visitors. You don't have to go to the water by rocking rocks, we've set up comfortable paths. There's a bar on the beach where cool drinks and ice cream in the assortium.

Dear guests, we know how important it is for you to eat. You were looking. Best hotel in Crimea It's all on. We'll be able to report that the cost of living is breakfast on the Swedish table system. The line is covered in one of the brightest and cozyest restaurants of the Aquamarin Hotel Lawanda.

We propose a diverse and balanced menu, which is updated depending on the season, the wishes of guests and the conduct of “thematic days”.

Our cookers are ready to welcome you:

  • 3-4 basic meals and garments;
  • Fish, meat and cheese;
  • vegetables and fruits;
  • butterfly products;
  • At the request of the guests, coughs and omelets;
  • Depending on the number of residents, Japanese foods.

In the Aquamarin Hotel, an open pool of almost 400 m2 is available to guests! In summer knowledge, it's so pleasant to stay in crystal-purified water or to bury on the skies. We've got a great offer for you to put yourself in a bar pool with some exotic Long and pull through the straw without leaving the water. The boys like to spray in a child ' s zone where the depth is not more than 55 centimeters.

The Aqwamarin Hotel invites guests to visit the hidden pool (86, 5 m2) located on our SPA Complex site. The recreational area is well built, and the heating system supports comfort temperature. ♪ ♪

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