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Лучшие отели и гостиницы Крыма на берегу моряCrime is a famous resort region. The best hotels and hotels of Crimea are always popular among recreational and tourists. Many of the Yalta hotels have held the most prestigious nominations of competitions, as the best hotels in Crimea. These hotels, as well as the Levant eco-tel, are constantly improving their services, making love more expensive and welcoming guests.

For example, Levant ' s eco-tel has been in charge for several consecutive years in the " Best Hotels of Crimea " competition, and has received a well-deserved award in the State-wide competition for the best hotel in Ukraine, conducted by the Association of Hotels and Entities of Ukraine, together with the State Tourism Service of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

The results of an independent consumer rating are particularly welcome awards for each Crimean hotel where the best hotels in Crimea are identified by the guests themselves. In favour of the rating, most guests are happy to help marketing to take stock by actively participating in the questionnaires.

And there is a special place in such competitions in the seaside. Crime, and in particular Yalta, has been drawn to attention. And the Levant eco-tel is no exception. On the very bank of the sea, the eco-tel complies with the standards of European service, creating a sense of comfort for every guest, for which he has never been on the list of where the best of the Crimea Everything is included and Russia is represented in the annual hotel rating.

Hotel in Crimea: Ecotel Levant in Yalta

Based on natural location, the Levant eco-tel actively supports the philosophy of nature and calls upon its guests to take care of a common home called Earth. That is why the Levant eco-tel was the first hotel in Crimea to have successfully certified Green Key (Green key).

The prestigious eco-labels receive only the best hotels in Crimea, which demonstrates the hotel ' s responsibility for environmental protection and environmental recreation. Economic energy and water use, the use of environmentally friendly means for the clean-up of numbers, the application of heating control systems, conditioning, the use of mainly local production products, and environmental education for guests are among the policy aspects of Levant ' s environmental activities.

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