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The Best Wings Are All On

The wing hotels and hotels are all on the coast of the sea


Private (Crime, Alessta, Little Mac) is THICHI, COMFORT AND SUPPLY DISPLACED ON THE shore of the Black Sea in the heart of the South Bank of Crimea. We invite our guests to take their vacation far from the noise of resort cities, closer to the nature of Crimea and in private with a clean open sea. We invite sniffing in, restoring power, natural inhalation and quiet recreation. Our guests can choose to live in wooden cuts from pure Carpathian pine or board. We offer a wide spectrum for our guests. All right, rest in the Crimea on the system, 2016's gonna be the best option for you!

Crimea hotels and hotels are all on board. Sea

"Everything intact" or "full Puncion." What's going on in the program? What are you gonna do?

For our guests, it is proposed to live and feed on the recreational system in Crimea 2016 that all boards or boards are included. "It's all on"/ "full board" in our boarding house is living in a selected category number, three-dimensional meals on the Swedish table system, using all the necessary boarding beaches. Bar and restaurant services are all on or off-line. This programme will be suitable for those who plan beach recreation without tourist visits and sightings.

What's in the package is all part of the "Bergova" board:

  • residence in the number of the category chosen;
  • Three-time feeds on the Swedish table system.
  • Child club throughout the day
  • animation programme and activities
  • Daytime use of manangal space
  • minibutball sports site
  • table tennis
  • Bachelor beach, beach towels
  • Transfer to stop of transport on the Yaltian track

You don't want to be screaming, you're not going to have any fun.

The Beregova Pancionate, which operates on the "all on" system, is on the first line in the South Berega Crimea in Mal Mayaka. Our guests often combine recreation at sea with a UBK tour program. In this case, it is generally necessary to skip dinner or a boarding table dinner.

For those who plan not only the beach rest, we offer to stay with us with the possibility of choosing the number of daily meals, depending on the field trips to Crimea, all this clear advantage of the system is all included in the rest of Crimea 2016.

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