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Crimea guests

Crime - unusual, curling

Half of the Crimea is located in the northern part of the Black Sea, from the north-east the sea of Azov. The area is about 27,000 square kilometres, of which the mountains constitute the fifth. They're proliferating three crews, the tallest of them get to the sea.

Crime scenes are great, they admire and inspirate. The clearest sea, the unusual vegetation (the places are relics), the air filled with the aroma of eukalipt and salt is what hundreds of thousands of tourists are going to rest in Crimea. And there are locks, fortresses and caves, a legacy of the rich history of the peninsula.

Where better rest.

In the Crimea, the resort zone consists of four areas: Central, West, Southern and Eastern. Cities and towns are linked to regular transport messages, allowing for a variety of vacations in Crimea and to visit several cities and villages for leave.

The south coast of Crimea (SBK) has small gland beaches. There's a wonderfully developed tourism infrastructure: large housing choices, restaurants, cafes, shops, discotheques, child entertainment. Also on the south coast, there are many sights that each of you has heard of: Ayu-Dag (Medveg Mountain), Lastecno nest, canal, Vorontski Palace, Nikit Botanical Garden.

Rest with children

If you think where to rest in Crimea with the kids, then you recommend that the eastern coast of the peninsula be chosen. There are big sand beaches, a deep sea, and the best of the Crimea for family residence. Moreover, there are the lowest prices.

Housing in Crimea - diversity of options

It's very simple to find a place in the Crimea. There's a lot of offers from mini hotels to awesome hotels, sanatoriums and rest bases. With each year, the services on the resort are improving, many of the Crimea's hotels are being rebuilt to offer better conditions. Some tourists have their places to come every year. If you prefer every time you choose different ways of living or you go to Crimea for vacation in 2016 for the first time, then our catalogue is at your disposal. Here you will find relevant proposals with detailed descriptions.


The Crimea hotels have a large number fund, have a pool, a children ' s land, bars. Some hotels offer meals for a separate fee. The plates are equipped with modern equipment.

The prices of the Crimea hotels are higher than, for example, private guest houses. This is due to the fact that the hotels are located mainly in the cities of Yalta, Sevastopole, Feodosia, Alesste, and the place of residence is always more expensive. But renting a dwelling in Crimea will cost a little if you choose to stay away from big cities.

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