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Hotel Wing Yalt

A hotel in a pool yalt

СПА отель в Ялте с бассейном на берегу моря!Choose the best hotels in Yalta, Crimea? To take a vacation in European-level comfortable apartments, to heal and restore power for the entire year, they offer such comfortable hotels in Yalta Crime. As a rule, there are palaces in the area with:

  • green saturation and bright colours,
  • Talks,
  • barbecue zone,
  • The playground.

That's what our Yalta hotel offers.

If you're looking for a SPA, Yalta's hotel with the pool, our offer is for you!

  • At the Alexandria Hotel, for your services, a basin of 210 square metres in the form of a potato beans equipped with a chlorine-free water treatment system.
  • There's a four-fountain fountain with a pot and a nightlight.
  • The Yalta hotel base is not only very beautiful, but also functioning: You'll be able to get a maximum load on the muscles with a tamper.

A few, even the most viable, small hotels in Yalta with a pool are not always able to provide adequate conditions for the guests ' safe stay. Alexandria ' s comfortable hotel represents two hidden terraces located at the pool with stacks and tables. There's a bar.

Mini hotels in Yalta with pool

Over the past 10 years, Crime has been developing successfully as a round-trip resort. New and new cottages, villas and minions of Yalta, whose official websites are online, are emerging throughout the peninsula. Some of them offer limited services for relatively small money, others try to provide all possible conditions for comfort and interesting recreation. With the latter task, hotel complexes, which include their own basin, are well managed. The services of a small hotel in Yalta with a pool, thanks to Alexandria, are not luxury, but the gift you certainly deserve!

Yalta Hotel - 2016 price

The Yalta hotel rooms on the coast of the sea with food for 2016 (in rubles) are reasonable to accommodate additional rooms. Since the hotel promotes family recreation on the shore of the sea with food, the cost of hosting small guests is attractive.

Calculator of recreational costs

мини гостиница в Ялте  бассейн

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