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Barcelona On The Coast Of The Sea

Costa Brava.

During our tour of Catalonia, we lived in Costa Brava in Llorette de Mar.
The place was chosen to be convenient because you're going south and 75 km of Barcelona, 30 km north--- Giron.

Costa Brava (Speed of a " wild scalist shore " or " bold " ) - north-east of Catalonia in the province of Jerona, near the border with France. This is one of the most vice corners of the Mediterranean coast, combining magnificent beach resorts with recreational and tourism zones.

Lloret de Mar (Cat. Lloret de Mar, read as Joret de Mar), the largest and one of the most visited areas of the Mediterranean coast of Spain.

In one of the comments, I read: the party llorette de Mar, there are numerous entertainment facilities and clubs.

But on this side, I didn't see him, it's more for the young, so I'll just tell you what I've been paying attention.

Let's go to the coast first.

As you can see, it's the night of our first day in Spain, we're a little tired because we were flying at night, there was a review tour on Barcelona, and only after that, we came to a hotel in Llorette de Mar. Even my Inna looks tired, and I'm not taking my picture.

Church of Santa Rome (Sant Romà, now called Nostra Senyora de les Alegries)

The original San Roma Church was a refuge with fat walls and fighters who were protected safely from enemy raids from the sea. In the next century, San Rom has been rebuilt on several occasions: the elements of renessansas, modernity and the Islamic and Visantian architecture have been added to the chotomy.

The modern face of the Church of San Rom is more like a fabulous house, painted by a colored mosaic.

In the evening of the second day, we went to Gran Casino for the Fiesta Flamenco show.

The dancers didn't make a big impression on me, but here's the thenor that started the show. It's ironic that I never found out his name, and he was presented as "Sam" thenor.
Well, I'm a google-google, the main dancer found, Jose Leon, and this thenor is not.
And finally, I've got a tape on that one. Fragments, of course, but listen!

We were sitting at tables with minerals and sangria.
Sangria is a Spanish average alcoholic drink based on wine, with pieces of fruit, berries, sugar, and a small number of brandy and dry liquor, sometimes buckles.

Statue of Women Fisheries (Dona marinera).

The sculpture of the Renaissant fisherman, located in Liorette de Mara, was established in 1966, when the city celebrated the anniversary of 1,000 years. The Dona marinera memorial has become a symbol of the city and can often be seen in souvenir products.

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