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Bakuria / Mining resort located in dense chef forest of cargo at altitudes of 1,700 to 1,800 metres

В горнолыжном Бакуриани отлично подготовленные трассы и спуски для детей и новичков

Bakuriani is a mining resort located in the dense chef forest of Georgia at a height of 1,700 to 1,800 metres. The distance from Tbilisi to Bakuria is only 180km.

  • Flexible climate, winter average temperature 6-8 degrees
  • Stable snow cover over 50cm
  • Beautiful clean mountain flap air
  • Developed entertainment infrastructure
  • Large numbers for children and newcomers
  • Big choice hotels and apartments any taste

The Bakuria mountain season begins in mid-December until mid-March.

In Bakuria, three skiings and snooths for skiing on mountains: Kohta, Diedveli, 25-metre.

There are two skating relays on Mount Kohta, Kochta 1 and Kohta 2, with an altitude of 1770-2155-2270 metres. There are Tatrapoma crusades and newcomers. Trucks from the top (up to 50 per cent) to the pupil called Plato in the lower part of the mountain.

Diedveli is the new racing racing in Bakuria on the slopes of the Trialeth Ridge. There's a gondol and crusade-like canal. In 2012, mounting was completed and the third line of the ropes was running and the altitude is now 1,780 to 2670 metres.

25-metre is a scientist in the centre of Bakuriani, where several bougueles and potatoes are installed for children and starters.

The unique climate and the developed entertainment industry of law give Bakuria the status of one of Georgia ' s best round-trip recreational zones.

To your services in Bakuria, snowstorms and quadracycles, large ski and congestion opportunities, sled rolls and turbines. And close to the sources of the world-famous Borgeomi resort provides an opportunity to enjoy treatment mineral waters.

Развлечений в Бакуриани помимо горных лыж и сноуборда полно ! Кохта 1 ареал катания в Бакуриани Дидвели ареал катания в Бакуриани каталка в Бакуриани - горы или холмы

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