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Dish Hotels In Amsterdam

Guess the country from the picture: the toilet post

A lot of people don't care what room you stay in.

And I'm... well, you know, in a great place, it's nicer, no doubt. I traveled the world and I was lucky to have been to the best, from an old hotel in the middle of Amsterdam to a Swiss boutique. That's why it's a comparison, and the necklace is, yes, I've seen a lot of things, and you can relax and sleep well and cheap motel on the track, and don't sweat.

But if I'm on a mission, do I often go to the room? ! I remember the last trip to Ty, leaving early in the morning, coming back late at night, even though you had a fucking view from a balcony to the sea, it's kind of cool... even though you only saw him in the morning and a few minutes.

There are bad quality numbers, but with the claim. Here's a picture of one of those in the ethno-derevna. The bed is a bomb, a furnace of plague, around all the charade and wooden, and a soul sings. You go into the bathroom, you're a cheap Soviet sauce, and it's a shock.

But the last hotel just killed. The organization paid, and whether it was saved or not they just didn't know that the place was, in a mild way, to themselves (but at the subway), but even the Fen was in line from the room to the room (one on two floors). Poor, but clean, that's okay, not everyone can afford to spend a lot of money on a night, and they need budgetary versions.

дырка2 дырка3

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