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Alanya - how to get on the map, hotels, beaches

Карта города АнтальяDistance from Alanja to some Turkish cities:

Antalya - Alanya 135 km

Ankara Alanya 556 km

Van - Alanya 1325 km

Denisely - Alanya 358 km

Izmir - Alanya 603 km

Kaiseri - Alanya 574 km

Konya - Alanya 265 km

Manavgat (Side) - Alanja 60 km

Neuchehir - Alanya 495 km

Trabzon - Alanya 1214 km

Shanglaurfa - Alanya 782 km

Map of Alany

The following objects are listed on the map of Alanya:

1. Inter-urban Motor Vehicle (Otogar)

2. Stop buses in the centre

3. Stop of bus No. 4 to the anchorage

как добраться до Аланьи4. Local population

5. Port Alany

How to get to Alanya by plane

Two airports, Antalya Airport or Ghipasha Airport, can reach Alanya by plane.

Ghipasha ' s airport is closest to Alanje and is about 3 kilometres from Gazipaşa and 45 from Alanja. Ghipasha's aeroport is small, a little bit crowded. The site of the Ghipasha airport, a flight to Alanya via the Ghipasha airport, for example, can be accessed from Istanbul (Sabikh Goekchen Airport), from Ankara by Pegasus Airlines (Description, ticket prices, ticket purchase).

From 2014 onur air is flying in Alanho.

Аланья на карте ТурцииThe lesson is to get to Alanho via Ghipasha airport that there are no direct flights from CIS at this time. Local airlines also cover cities in Turkey.

How to get to Alanja from Alanja airport (Gazipasha)

From the Alanya airport (Gazipasha) to the city of Alanja can be accessed in several ways:

1. Alanya Airport (Gazipasha) can be accessed to the city of Alanja by means of the Hawash airport bus (Havaş) -- approximately 45 minutes, 15 lire travel cost (at 2013). Hawash buses leave Ghipasha airport 25 minutes after the plane landed. The bus is on its way to stop in Mahmutlar, and then on the D400 track comes to the Alanya inter-urban vehicle. It's not going through Hawash. From Alanja, the Hawash buses go to 6:00 a day. For further information, see .

2. The services of Pegasus and Onur Eir, which are linked to the company ' s flights, are available from/from the Alanya airport to/from the Alanja centre. See details on these companies ' websites.

3. Order a transfer in your hotel or a transfer company. It's not hard to find such firms online.

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