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Best Hotels For Recreation With Children

6 most popular tour resorts

Turkish fans can collect suitcases: tourist sanctions against the Republic have been lifted. For those who have been able to forget about the recreational loins in this country for months, Rambler/Turkmen represent a guide to Turkish resorts.

Before considering the diversity of local beaches, it should be borne in mind that the province of Antalia and the resort of Antalia are not the same. In the southern province of Antalya, both Antalya and Kemer and Alania are located.


How to get: the road to any resort hotel from Antalia Airport takes at least one and a half hours. This should be taken into account when you travel with little kids.

Alania, the resort is democratic, if not cheap. For leisure with children, it is necessary to select the Avsallar area, built mainly by four- and five-star hotels. A certain plus is a small sand on the local coast. It's a good way to relax, surrounded by banana groves of Mahmutlar, but the beaches are less comfortable for children's legs. You can look at hotels in Green Ingekum. For those looking for a round-the-clock party and low prices, the city hotels of Alania themselves or the Obagel Hotel will be the best.

What do you want to do is go to the cruise on the cave of the coast, light on the beach of Cleopatra and ride the banana along the shore?


How do you get from the Antalia car station to Belek in half an hour? The road from Antalia airport to the hotel will take a little longer.

The cost of rest in Beléka is much higher than in Antalia and Keméré, but demand remains high. There are clean beaches here (this resort accounts for a lion share of the Antale blue flags), club hotels (through five stars), calm atmosphere. Unsuccessful strawberry young people here are usually nothing to do, but Belek appreciates the dignity of the family with children, as well as spider, golf and rider. Playing most of the sand, so getting in the water is a pleasure. But the shore might have a little gal, so... Child Rest Hotel You have to choose carefully.

What do you want to do is visit Troy's square and go to the Pamukkale tour.

Пляж Анталии Кемер Мармарис Бодрум

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