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Address: St. Petersburg, Voynesen St. 6, St. Petersburg.

A beautiful five-star hotel, five minutes from the Isaacievo Cell. Lux's number with air conditioners, Internet access. Broad opportunities for business people, conference rooms, restaurants, parking.

Price of 5,930 roubles.

Address: Barcelona, Plaza Rosa dels Vents, 1, Barcelona.

The hotel is located on the coast of the Old City of Barcelona, near the airport, the Barcelona aquarium, Rambla de Mar and the Sobor of the Holy Family. Also near Las Ramblus and the Liseu Opera Theatre.

Price of 13,790 rubles.

Address: Seoul, 21 Gwangjang Dong, Kwangjin Gu, Seoul.

The design hotel is located in Seoul City. The following features are near: the Great Children ' s Park, the Olympic Stadium Jamsil Olympic Stadium and the Sports Complex in Seoul.

Price of 14,920 roubles.

Address: Mexico City, Campos Eliseos 252, Chapultepec, Polanco, Mexico City.

The hotel with the spa centre is located in the Polanco area, in the heart of Mexico City, near the Concert Auditorio Nacional, the French Embassy and the National Museum of Anthropology. Also near the Castle of Chapultepec and the Memorial to the heroes of the independence fighters.

Price of 15,390 rubles.

Address: Newark, 8200 Gateway Boulevard, Newark.

Hotel The centre is located in a suburb in Newark City. Among the local values of the California's Great America.

The price is 5,290 rubles.

Address: New York, 123 Washington Street, New York.

The hotel is comfortable near the airport in New York City, near the Church of Troica and the New York Fire Department Memorial. Also near the New York Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Price of 11,870 roubles.

Address: San Francisco, 181 Third Street, San Francisco.

The hotel with the centre is located in the South Market Centre, in the heart of the city of San Francisco, near the Museum of Modern Art of San Francisco and the Moscon Conference. Also near the Museum of Animal Art and Union Square.

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