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Abu Dabi's Hotel With The Beach

Oae Hotels: What choice?

The United Arab Emirates offers not only great recreation, but also perfect service.

Each OAE resort has both the first-value hotels and the budget options, which most fully meet European standards. Which hotel? This depends largely on what characteristics are most important.

Pantéon has compiled a list of hotels based on the most popular customer requests.

Best OAE hotels for children

Grand Hotel Sharjah 4*, Sharjah. Perhaps one of the main advantages of this hotel in terms of family rest is the good location of the child's area. She's right on the beach under a wooden hing, allowing everyone to spend time at sea together.

The hotel has a small area, which is a plus when there are little children, and it offers everything necessary to enjoy rest without leaving.

Практически во всех отелях Эмиратов предлагается высокий уровень сервисаDubai Marine Beach Resort " Spa 5*, Dubai. The hotel is located on the first coastline and has a sufficiently large area. All the numbers are remote from clubs and other noisy places, because no baby's day sleep, no night, no family will be broken. The set includes several basins, including children ' s, mountains and waterfalls, near the beach, a children ' s area.

A high level of service is offered in virtually all hotels in the Emirates

For those who are looking for a hotel in the OAE with their own beach, this option is ideal: the beach is a small isolated booth where hotel guests rest exclusively.

Madinat Jumeirah - Mina A Salam 5*, Dubai Jumeira. This option is designed specifically for those who do not plan to travel frequently. The hotel has about 50 bars and restaurants, its own market, several basins, a mini club and a rock wall. There's no shark in the hotel, but we can get to the beach on boats on a special channel, and the kids are guaranteed to like this trip. By the way, you don't take too many toys, you can always take them to the beach.

Negative OAE

Centro Yas Island by Rotana 3*, Abu Dhabi. The hotel is a profitable location, and there is one of the best beaches of Yas Beach resort. Although it is far from the centre of the city, the existence of all kinds of entertainment and entertainment parks around here makes staying at the hotel as interesting and bright as possible. Low cost of living is added value.

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