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Abu Dabi

About the detainees in the south of Russia and in general

Once again, in our media (in part of the regional) there was an upsurge in resentment over the behaviour of south Korean border guards who did not let a couple of Russians in Korea. I wrote on this subject in mid-July, I'll put it down. And so the resume is the fault itself, the Koreans did it rightly, at least by law.

That's one of the notes, even though the tone is already more discreet.

In short, the main rule is that the Korean visa regime is for tourism only and for business trips only (through participation in the conference). If you want to work, you need to get a work visa if you learn, a study visa and no visa regimes. That's why the border guards just turned the Rossian off.
There's a holy misunderstanding about the contents, so all the costs of the contents of the airline that brought them. This rule works everywhere and always, and that's why it's a company claim.

The Koreans, of course, may not be angels, but they've done absolutely right. More importantly, our bores. In this particular case, we even admit, "We came to work in Korea without a visa, and we weren't allowed. Oh, my God! Either saint naiveness or stupidity. ♪ ♪

Personally, it's hard for me to condemn our people who are going to Korea for profit - and they're not making a good life, and they don't have drugs. But in any case, it's clear that you're breaking the law, and that's why you can get out. And there's an indignant mob in style (if in fact): "What are the bastards of Korean border guards that prevented us from breaking their laws!" ♪ ♪
That's why the attitude towards the Russians in Korea is often appropriate. ♪ ♪

It's all about the situation. Read it if it's strong enough, it's long.
Korean temptation
Korean authorities have reported abuse of visa-free treatment by some Russians

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